Links: Roadside Survival

Sample of Vignettes of Actual Assists by Walt, Along With Tips How to Prevent Needing the Assist (Walt has 60 Such Vignettes)

Used Hammer to Fix Spare Tire Leak

Out of Gas: Rock the Car

Rim Stuck to Car’s Wheel

Pot Luck on the Highway

Vehicle Locked; Low on Oil; Battery Clamps Loose

Rear Hatchback Broken; Cannot Access Spare Tire

Re-charged Car Battery – Twice

Bad Ignition Key: No Access to Spare Tire

“On The Road” Vignettes Run in “Up&Coming Weekly Magazine” 

Rear Hatchback Broken; Cannot Access Spare Tire

Pot Luck on the Highway

Recharge Engine Battery Twice

No Access to Spare Tire

“Women’s View Magazine” June 2020 Issue

Summer Car Care to Prevent and Contend with Breakdowns

50-Minute Video to Empower Law Enforcement Officers to Provide Simple, Safe, Quick Low-Risk Assists

Roadside Assisting By Law Enforcement Officers

Winter Driving on Ice and Snow

65 Tips for Safe Winter Driving

Prevent and Contend With Sliding on Ice

Snow Chains: Next Generation

Zip Tie Tire Traction

Media Appearances About Roadside Survival

TV Segment: “Roadside Survival”, Feb 1, 2020, on WBTV, Charlotte, NC, with Kristi Oconnor

TV Segment with Fox News, Aug 31, 2019

Radio Segment: Memorial Day Driving Tips”, May 23, 2018, on WDEL, Wilmington, DE, with Andrew Sgroi

Radio Segment: “Winter Driving Tips”, January 4, 2018, on WDEL, Wilmington, DE, with Andrew Sgroi

TV Segment: “Vietnam Vet Pens Book on Roadside Survival Tips”, November 22, 2016, on WAGA Channel 5 (Fox), Atlanta, with Katie Beasley

TV Segment: “Charlotte on Your Side”, June 21, 2016, on WBTV, Charlotte, NC with Delano Little.

TV Segment: “Tips for Summer Travel: Roadside Survival” – a “Rolling Shoot”, May 16, 2016, on WGHP-TV, High Point, NC

Radio Segment: “Roadside Survival”, on Kansas City’s KCUR Public Radio, August 24, 2015, with Steve Kraske.

Radio Segment: “Essential Car Safety For Your Summer Road Trip, Milwaukee’s NPR-affiliated WUWM, June 30, 2015, with Mitch Teich

Radio Interview: “Community Focus” on Lawton, Oklahoma’s Cameron College station KCCU, March 13, 2015, with Breanne Loving

Radio Interview: “Stopping a Break Down Before It Stops You” on Milwaukee’s NPR-affiliated WUWM, March 9, 2015, with Mitch Teich

Radio Interview: “Roadside Survival” on KPBS/San Diego, January 12, 2015, with Maureen Cavanaugh

Radio Interview: “Here and Now” on Boston’s NPR-affiliated WBUR, January 12, 2015, with Robin Young

Radio Interview: “Making a Hobby Out of Helping Stranded Motorists” on Houston Public Media, Nov 12, 2015, with Michael Haggerty

TV Interview on Raleigh’s WRAL-TV July 23, 2014, with Gilbert Baez

WPTF Radio, Bill LuMaye Show: Walt Brinker on Roadside Car Tips

Radio interview on 97.9 The Hill, Who’s Talking, October 25, 2015, with D.G. Martin

Links to Blogs From Folks Walt Has Assisted

Lady in Texas Whose Car Jack Had Sunk in Mud

Dangers of Drunk Driving

History of Radios in Cars

Interesting Article

How to Avoid Buying a “Lemon” Vehicle

Lemon Car Tracker

Links to Encourage Safe Driving, Especially Young Drivers, Distracted Driving Information & Guidance, Distracted Driving Information & Guidance Distracted Driving Information

Distracted driving: a safety guide for responsible young drivers

Driving in the Real World

“Ask Patty.Com”: Automotive Advice for Women

Drowsy Driving Dangers

The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Young Drivers Road Safety Facts & Statistics

Car SafetyTips for Teenage Drivers

How Drowsy Driving Compares To Drunk Driving

GuidanceDistracted Driving Information & Guidance

Risks from Driving While Drowsy

Driving Tips to Keep You Safe

The Complete Resource For Young & First Time Drivers In The UK

Texting and Driving Statistics

Texting and Driving

Preventing Distracted Driving

More on Preventing Distracted Driving

Teen Drivers and the Distraction Disaster

Teen Driving Safety – General

Dangers of Using a Mobile Phone While Driving – UK Perspective

Facts About Drunk Driving

Risk from Driving While Drowsy

Highwayman Walt’s Roadside Survival Tips for Teen Drivers

Avoid Personal Injury: Tips for Safe Driving

Driving and Traffic Safety Guide

Allstate Foundation: Parent-Teen Agreements

Driving Safety First: Improving Road Safety for Novice Drivers

Teen Driving Issues

Teens in the Driver Seat

A Practical Guide to Road Safety

Sample Driving Tests by State

Preventing Distracted Driving

Links to Driver Safety for Senior Drivers

List of Resources for Senior Driver Safety

Senior Driving Safety Resources

Link to Article About Safe Infant Seats

Things to Know Before Getting a Car Seat

Links to articles about how to keep your car reliable and running.

How Often Should You Change Engine Oil & Filter?

Tips on Adding Engine Coolant

Diagnosing Intermittent Engine Stalling Issues

Links to a variety of interesting, useful sources of additional information about Roadside Survival.

Ultimate Guide for Pregnant Women Involved in Car Accidents

All You Wanted to Know About Nitrogen in Tires, and More!

Should You Use Nitrogen in Your Car Tires?

Fun (and useful) Quiz: “What’s Your Driving Personality?”

“Consumer Affairs” Excellent Information on Tires 

“Consumer Reports” Article on Cars Without Spare Tires (Think Hard Before Buying Such a Car!)

Consumer Reports “Tire Wise” Article on Tire Aging

Consumer Reports Article: ‘Counterfeit’ tires pose consumer risk

Consumer Reports Article: Car-buying Advice

Tips on Correct Tire Pressure, from Discount Tire

The Ultimate Guide to Defensive Driving

“Info Center” by Discount Tire

Tire Pressure Variance (and Everything Else You Could Want to Know About Tires: See Other Links at This Site)

Non-emergency Telephone Numbers, by State

Safety Tips for Driving in Ice and Snow

Winter Roadside Survival Tips

Emergency Roadside Repairs

Top Reasons for Car Breakdowns

How to Bead a Tire Using Ratchet Strap

How to Plug a Leak in a Tire Tread

Links to Check out Suggested Equipment for Roadside Survival:

Night Time Safety

Excellent 4-way Lug Wrench

The Ultimate Guide to Road Safety Apps

Links to Articles About Walt’s Hobby:

Houston Chronicle, May 2008

Links to Reviews of “Roadside Survival”, the Book:

“Handbook helps motorists keep rolling”, The Fayetteville Observer, June 17, 2014

“Be better prepared for your summer road-trip by reading ‘Roadside Survival'”,, May 23, 2014

“Goodreads” Review, July 26, 2014

Amazon” Reviews

Link to dash cam Video of Walt Starting Assist May 18, 2018

Approach to Assist: Missing LF Rim & Tire


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