Selections from Book

Shown below are selections from the book, to demonstrate the simplicity and thoroughness used to explain concepts, tools, and techniques one can use to prevent and contend with a vehicle breakdown.  The book includes 56 pictures with captions.  NOTE: Pictures in the hard copy book are black-and-white, not color.  Pictures will be available in color with digital version in Kindle Fire and NOOK.

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From “Big Picture” Chapter: 

Non-emergency Tel Numbers by State

From Chapter on Safety:

Correct Placement of Warning Triangles     Reflecting warning triangles

From Chapter on Tire-related Issues:

    Plywood Square Under Jack     Standard socket  not deep enough for protruding lug         DOT number on tire sidewall

                         Air Compressor & Battery     Modern automobile tires -  OK psi v. Low

          Lift points for most sedans and minivans      Short Lug Wrench Handle      Cheater bar slipped over end of a lug wrench      Cheater bar as lever to lift spare tire

From Chapter on “Out of Gas” Issues:

Rock the Car

From Chapter on Engine Cuts Off and Will Not Re-start:

Check Water in Battery         Long Jumper Cables

From Chapter on “Motorist is Locked out of Vehicle”:

Magnetic key box on flat vert surface_Page_1

From Chapter on “Win-Win Hobby”:

Assists along Interstate 10 in Texas